Medical Treatments

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Foreign body removal

With our specialised equipment we can assess the cause of the eye injury and safely remove foreign particles whether they are from welding,  grinding,  gardening or construction work.

Red eye treatment

Sore and red eyes can occur for numerous reasons such as viral infection, bacterial infection, trauma, inflammation, toxicity, radiation exposure etc. With our specialist knowledge, we have the ability to accurately diagnose the cause, and then prescribe the best treatment to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Diabetic eye care

Diabetes is an extremely common health disorder that unfortunately has devastating effects on eyesight. We carefully examine the retina for signs of diabetic eye disease to minimise or prevent vision loss and blindness. Medical technology such as OCT and retinal imaging is very helpful in managing this disease.

A report is forwarded to your family doctor and endocrinologist after the consultations with and recommendations for changes in medical management if necessary.

Glaucoma management

Potentially 50% of people who have glaucoma are undiagnosed because there are usually no significant symptoms until vision loss is extensive. Our clinic has all the specialised equipment and clinical knowledge required to detect glaucoma before significant eyesight is lost.

Once a diagnosis of glaucoma is made, a treatment plan for management of the disease will be created, and the patient will be closely monitored for any deterioration that can occur over time if treatment is not working as well as expected. Typical treatment is with eye drop therapy to lower the pressure inside the eyeball, and referral for laser treatment or surgery if necessary.

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