Shared Care

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Having an eye operation can be scary, however there is no longer any need to be concerned. Successful surgical outcomes depend on a thorough assessment prior to the operation, and careful monitoring after the surgery to ensure no unexpected complications occur.

At Lakkis Optometry we have set up a shared care arrangement with some of Melbourne’s leading cataract and laser surgeons. Shared care allows us to perform all the necessary testing prior to the surgery, determine which surgery and hospital is best for your situation, then help you out with the pre-operative paperwork. The day after your surgery is completed, your post-operative care is conveniently performed in our consulting rooms located close to your home. We will guide you through the eyedrops required after the operation, and manage any complications that may occur.

Shared care allows you to benefit from treatment performed by leading surgeons, without having to make multiple visits to unfamiliar locations and be treated by unfamiliar staff.

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