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From our beginning in 1991, Lakkis Optometry has partnered with Melbourne lens laboratory CR Surfacing to produce all of our prescription spectacle lenses. As other lens companies have closed down or moved production off-shore, CR Surfacing has grown from strength to strength, producing world-class prescription spectacle lenses right here in Melbourne.

The quality of the lens material and coatings is world class. In fact, CR Surfacing is the only lens laboratory outside of North America and Europe that is approved to manufacture the Shaw Lens (hyperlink), a mathematically complex lens designed to reduce distortion and dizziness when the wearer looks off centre through the glasses.

All of our multifocal lenses are manufactured using the latest digital freeform technology rather than older casting methods. This computer generated lens design allows customisation of the different zones in the multifocal lenses to minimise areas of distortion and maximise visual comfort, and the lens design can be varied for different frame shapes and sizes.


Lens positioning in front of both eyes is important for the glasses to function as prescribed by the optometrist. This is particularly critical for complex lens designs in high prescription powers.

Lakkis Optometry utilises the Optikam position of wear imaging system to accurately locate the pupil spacing and fitting heights, as well as the tilt and curvature of the frame.

This detailed 3 dimensional information is used to optimise visual acuity at the optical centre of the lenses, and is also used to produce the Shaw Lens (hyperlink) that improves off-centre vision as well.



Shaw Lens – Life Changing Lenses

Regular spectacle lenses only provide accurate vision when looking through the optical centre of the glasses. However, daily living requires us to look through all areas of our glasses, especially when driving, walking down stairs, reading and playing sports. Off-centre viewing causes distortion and blurred vision, different image sizes between the eyes, pulling of the eye muscles, and double vision. It is the main reason we feel awkward when trying on new glasses.

The Shaw Lens uses complex mathematical calculations to minimise and even eliminate off-centre distortions, as well as improving central vision by equalising the image size in both eyes. The benefits to the wearer are glasses that feel terrific from the moment they are first put on, with outstanding vision when looking off-centre, reduced eyestrain, fewer headaches, and better concentration and reading comprehension with prolonged reading.

Lakkis Optometry will perform the calculations to see if your prescription lenses will benefit from using the Shaw Lens. Our computer software will allow you to compare the Shaw Lens design to the standard lens design prior to ordering. The Shaw Lens is available for single vision lenses, bifocal and multifocals, as well as prescription sunglasses.

Shaw Lens


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