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Dr Graham trains the next generation of Optometrists

Dr Graham Lakkis is a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne Department of Optometry. His areas of teaching are in the assessment and treatment of glaucoma and the diagnosis of eye disease. He closely works with student doctors in the final two years of their 7 year degree to help transform their scientific knowledge into outstanding clinical examinations.

OCT Angiography arrives at Lakkis Optometry

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) is arguably one of the most clinically useful diagnostic instruments ever invented. It allows detailed cross-sectional images of structures of the eye in the same way an MRI scan does in other parts of the body. We have recently introduced the very first Nidek OCT Angiography unit in Victoria which can now assess active blood flow in the arteries and capillaries of the retina. It is

Dr Katrina provides eye exams for the disadvantaged in Nepal.

Dr Katrina Yap has a passion for helping the underprivileged of the world. She has performed mission trips to the Northern Territory, South Africa and Nepal to provide eye examinations for those in need.

Dr Graham is lead optometrist of the University of Melbourne Glaucoma Clinic

Dr Graham Lakkis has been appointed as Lead Optometrist of the University of Melbourne Eyecare Glaucoma Clinic. His duties are to assess and treat patients with glaucoma, and to train the student doctors in the management of this complex disease

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